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Airport Regions Council joins Eurocontrol’s collaborative environmental management initiative


The Airport Regions Council (ARC) has agreed to join Eurocontrol’s Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM) to build a common understanding of environmental / operational interdependencies among internal operational stakeholders and make the sector more sustainable.

Eurocontrol’s CEM specifications describe a process by which the main operational stakeholders of an airport can coordinate actions aimed at reducing the environmental impact of airport operations while maximizing the current and future performance of the airport. These specifications also take into account current issues such as the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

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The CEM will focus on identifying the root causes of environmental impacts / risks and facilitating common sustainable solutions. Having done this, the partners plan to create a transparent dialogue that can harmonize relations with authorities and engagement with local communities and businesses.

The cooperative design of CEM Specification therefore aims to improve the efficiency of public administrations and airports by creating solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved. The adoption of the CEM as a continuous and organized dialogue with local authorities and communities should help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to achieve other areas such as quality of life, health outcomes, air quality and noise.

Philippe Merlo, who heads the Directorate of European Civil and Military Aviation (DECMA) at Eurocontrol, said: “In the years to come, the aviation sector will have to meet the historic challenge of decarbonization. Eurocontrol’s CEM helps airports and their partners put in place the best processes to successfully reduce their environmental impact. The ARC, as an association representing regional and local authorities that host or near an airport, is an important partner for airports and communities seeking to minimize environmental impacts. We welcome the opportunity to cooperate closely with the RCAF and its members to accelerate the decarbonization of aviation. “

Erich Valentin, ARC President, said: “After years of fruitful collaboration, Airport Regions Council and Eurocontrol have decided to strengthen their joint and committed work for sustainable aviation by signing this Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU emphasizes that a shared vision of environmental issues at airports is the best way to ensure the quality of life for citizens and a sustainable future for aviation.

To learn more about the partners of the CEM initiative, click here.


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