Advocate for interior design as a tool for healing and productivity

Sunday Ehigiator reports that Five28 Interior Creative Director Funto Ibuoye is championing interior design as a tool for healing and productivity.

Five28 Interior Creative Director Funto Ibuoye revealed that interior design is more than beautifying space, but also a tool for improving or improving productivity, and a tool for healing the mind. .

She made the remarks while speaking to reporters at the five-year anniversary ceremony of Five28 Interior, which was recently held in the Ikeja region of Lagos State.

According to her, interior design is so important because it uplifts the way people live and helps improve productivity and the way they work.

“One thing most people don’t know is that your space affects the way you think. If you work or live in a dispersed space, the truth is that your mind would be dispersed.

“If it’s an office, your space affects the way you work, the way you think and your productivity. We have had testimonials from some clients that once the work is done in their offices, their staff becomes more productive. It could just be a change of color, a change of sitting mode, etc. And it greatly improves the workspace.

“Interior design is also a tool for healing the mind. About three years ago we did a project for a single woman who owns a studio.

“When we were discussing his needs, we weren’t talking about having a mirror in his living room for example, but as we carried out the project, it occurred to me to put a mirror in his living room. salon. So we did that and left. We finished the project, she was happy and she loved the space.

“About a week later, she sent me this long message about how she initially felt uncomfortable seeing a mirror in her living room, as we hadn’t discussed it before, but what we didn’t know was about five years before that date., she was gang raped and hasn’t been able to look in the mirror since that incident.

“However, upon seeing this mirror in the living room, she began to look at herself in the mirror again, and it triggered a healing process for her.

“This is a major testimony that I will never be able to forget. It reminds me that this job isn’t just about designing spaces or putting furniture together, but rather touching the lives of the people we design spaces for.

“And today the lady is completely healed, she has decided to get married and she is currently living happily with her family.”

Speaking on how the government could help the industry to develop, she asked for government funding for the vocational training of artisans in the industry.

According to her, “One of the main complaints we have in common with Nigerian interior designers is that Nigerian artisans are known for their lack of excellence in delivering their services.

“So I think the government can help in this space by providing funds to train all the artisans in this space, furniture makers, electricians, plumbers, etc. because at the end of the day if we don’t use good ones artisans, we cannot deliver good projects.

Regarding the company’s future plans over the next five years, she said, “In five years I see us gaining ground outside Nigeria. I see us having an office in New York and conquering the American market.