Advice on contemporary interior design

Long gone are the days when people tried to fill a place with uncomfortable and bulky items and cover the floors with fancy rugs.

Nowadays, an ergonomic approach in modern design is in demand. People have learned to replace walls with partitions, to acquire sectional sofas and other modern furniture, to throw away massive curtains and towels from great-grandmothers.

Particular attention is now paid to minimalism and comfort. Household appliances and electronics also play an important role in modern design, firmly entering our lives, trying to facilitate our existence and save time. Functional minimalism in modern design, in turn, should be maintained in all surrounding areas. It is much more convenient to cook and spend time in the kitchen when the necessary minimum of items are there. The same applies to the living room, in which a bulky sofa and heavy chairs should be replaced by a light sofa and soft poufs.

In general, we can safely say that the trend of the last year is free space and minimalism in interior design.

The rules of a modern living room

Most often, when visiting the house of modern people, you can find a standard set in the living room – a sofa, a functional wall, sometimes two armchairs and a computer desk. However, nothing eccentric. Style and color may be slightly different, so everything looks clear and simple.

If the living room is small, you can consider a function wall, consisting of several hanging shelves, a TV cabinet and several additional floor sections. Naturally, a sofa, a coffee table and armchairs must be present, in order to welcome the guests (look at those of williston forge).

In order not to overload the design, you can opt for hidden storage (cabinets and shelves). From the outside it will seem that it is just a wall, but with a slight touch the doors will open and it will be possible to supplement them with various things and household items. Thus, the space will not be overloaded with unnecessary furniture and will retain its space.

If there is access to a balcony or a loggia, you can consider demolishing the partition between the room and the loggia to unify the space.

There are many options – modern materials and technologies allow you to do whatever you want. The main thing is that the interior of the living room should be cozy, warm and cozy.

Rules of a modern kitchen

Modern kitchen is not only a place for cooking and eating, but also a place where family members spend time enjoying pleasant communication with loved ones.

Size is not always significant. Even a small corner can be turned into a comfortable and functional room with the competent use of the available space. By rationally organizing your countertops, as well as household appliances, even a modestly sized room will be convenient to use. Of course, the smaller the parameters, the more careful planning is required.

You can increase the usable space both by rearranging the room and by correctly placing the furniture. Even the right color combination of finishes can change perception. Pastel colors will visually expand a small kitchen, and dark colors will suit a large room, making it cozier.

If the kitchen is too small, combining the kitchen area, for example, with a living room or a balcony can be a great solution. However, in this case, you should know that you can make changes only to non-bearing walls. Otherwise, a special redevelopment permit issued by the regulatory authorities will be required.

There are no restrictions in the style of design, as well as in the materials used, the choice is based solely on the personal preferences of residents and their way of life.

To set up a project for your future kitchen, especially in the absence of experience in similar tasks, you can use the interior solutions set up by friends or seen on photos found on the Internet. It can be a mosaic, artificial stone compositions, an imitation of a brick wall and many other things.

As for the color scheme, the set of options is conditionally divided into two main groups:

  • monochromatic, when one main color stands out, its different shades are also used in the drawing (it is recommended to use no more than three). Using different textures will help avoid creating a boring interior.
  • colored, when two or more colors are combined. One of the options for this design is contrasting kitchens, when opposite colors in the spectrum are combined. A special case is the combination of black and white or, as a more advantageous option, black and silver.

Regardless of the choice of color design, there are a number of basic tips that will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes in the implementation of design work:

– Choose furniture that is darker than the decoration of the walls, but lighter than the floor;

– There should always be only one primary color that will dominate the decor;

– Contrasts are created through the use of a variety of decorative details and textures.

Modern bedroom design rules

Everyone needs a good rest. When a person sleeps, he restores his mental and physical strength. The quality of sleep directly depends on the comfort of resting conditions, so you need to seriously think about the design of your bedroom.

Sound level in the room

The roar of public transport, loud music from neighbors and other sources of noise can significantly reduce the quality of rest. Today, there is a huge selection of building materials that offer different levels of sound insulation. Generally, effective soundproofing requires a professional design approach. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the illiterate use of materials will not bring the desired result.

Ventilation quality

An important condition for the comfort of a bedroom is constant fresh air. In many houses and apartments, this is solved simply by opening the window. However, the problem arises when the windows face a noisy street or road. In addition, you need to independently ensure that the temperature in the room remains optimal.

The ideal solution to this problem is to install a air conditioner in your room. With the right location, it will provide a constant flow of cool air and a comfortable temperature. Entrust this responsible work to specialists, and your bedroom will always have fresh air without harm to health.

Aesthetic appeal of space

This is perhaps the key factor why people decide to use the services of a designer. The modern market offers a variety of finishing materials of different colors and textures. When choosing on their own, people often come across that what looked attractive didn’t look good after adding it to the design.

This happens because each material, color, texture has its own characteristics. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the lighting and size of the room, the color intensity of the material, the general composition and style.

Overall, a contemporary home design involves using a contemporary approach and modern materials. So throw out the old ideas and let the new ones become part of your mind and your tastes.

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