2021 showcase of self-storage management offices

You know what they say: “Beauty isn’t just about the skin. Every year, Inside the self-storage produces a gallery to showcase some of the most innovative and stylish facilities in the industry, from small independents to real estate investment trusts and everything in between, sampled across the country and even overseas. This year’s production, “Highly Commendable Self Storage Projects for a Modern Market: 2021 Facility Design Showcase,” released in May, shows you dozens of pretty postcard exteriors. Now we are focusing beyond the curb on a critical part of the success of every self-storage operation: the management office.

Once upon a time, the customer service area for self-storage was a small, simple room with a basic countertop and just enough space for a tenant and manager to interact. Today it has been significantly expanded and improved to serve as a sales center for unit rentals and provide a solid retail shopping experience. It is also frequently used as a customer salon, unit display model, and trade center for many ancillary products and services. Take this virtual tour through over 40 contemporary office environments and get inspired for your next project or renovation.

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