£ 14 for an online feng shui interior design course

Run your mojo and bring harmony to your home

What do you get

  • Find out how shapes and forms can work together to create a peaceful environment
  • Learn how to adapt Feng Shui to every room in your home
  • Study online from home
  • ICOES accredited

Find out more:

Now we are not saying that your living room layout can bring you eternal happiness, but there are definitely a lot of benefits to organizing your space well (like your mom not finding your underwear when she is seated) on the couch). This course will show you how to apply the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui to your home in order to create a harmonious living space. You will learn how to use colors and shapes to create pieces you love. Sign up today for just £ 14.

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Should know:

  • This voucher is valid for an online feng shui interior design course with the International Open Academy.
  • To exchange, go to www.internationalopenacademy.com/coupon and enter your voucher code then complete the registration process.
  • You can log in and start your course immediately.
  • You will have 12 months to start your course, once started you have 60 days to complete the course.
  • You will receive a certificate at the end of your course.
  • This course is accredited by the International Council of Online Educational Standards. ICOES is the accreditation body responsible for establishing, maintaining and improving the educational standards of online educational institutions.
  • Voucher valid until March 31, 2021.
  • This voucher cannot be canceled, refunded, exchanged or combined with another offer.

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